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GPX Pro 8


You'll wonder how you ever raced without one.

XT Racing is proud to introduce the newest in its line of precision racing equipment, the GPX Pro. Packed with features designed to give you superior insight into your time on the race track, the GPX Pro isn't just a lap timer, it's a professional-grade racing tool with the club racer's budget in mind.

At XT Racing, we understand that in order to be a valuable tool, the GPX Pro needs to be versatile enough to log the data a racer wants while being adaptable enough to handle many different forms of racing. With the GPX, you don't have to wonder if it was designed for your kind of racing. With 8 universal-input channels of data acquisition and with four separate racing modes, the GPX assures that if it can be raced, a GPX belongs on it.

The GPX is literally jam packed with features previously found in models hundreds of dollars more expensive.

In addition to the 4 or 8 channels of external data, both the GPX Pro 4 and 8 have 4 additional built-in data channels:

* Computed gear

* Longitudinal (gas/brake) acceleration

* Lateral (left/right) acceleration

* 12V monitor

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