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XT Racing Ultra-Lap Timer


XT Racing’s Ultra-Lap timer is our mid-level timing product and is capable of storing

an entire season’s worth of lap times. Additional Functions include split timing

capability, input for racer and track name, a thumbs-up LED to indicate fast lap and

the ability to download your lap times to a Windows enabled PC.

Ultra-Lap Features



•Record split times with additional transmitters placed around track

•Supports track name entry and stores each track in a database for later use

•Displays average lap time for each session, as well as best and worst lap time

•4-button user interface

•Extra-large, bold lap times are 0.6" (15mm) in height for easy visibility

•1/100 second resolution

•Auto turn-on feature ensures you never miss a session again, the Ultra-Lap automatically begins timing when it receives a transmitter signal

•Auto power-down for extended battery life

•Bright orange LED flashes on fastest laps

•Store approximately 2,000 laps/split times — an entire season at your fingertips

•Unique session identifier (SID) helps differentiate and identify each of your sessions

•Can record laps per race/session: 1-99 or do not count (lap countdown)

•Minimum lap time feature assures your Ultra-Lap won't be fooled by false triggers

•Customizable lap hold time displays your last lap for 1-250 seconds

•Supports 1 or 2 lines of personalization information up to 20 characters per line

•Quick deletion of all stored laps

•Displays date and time from main screen as well as ambient temperature

•Battery indicator shows when the AA battery needs to be replaced

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