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XT Lap Timer Holder


The all-new XT Holder is machined from billet aluminum and is hard anodized for durability. The XT Holder is compatible with the Ultra-Lap, Mini-Lap and GPX Pro and comes in 7 different sizes for mounting on a variety of motorcycle fork tubes.

Here is a list of some of the known XT holder sizes for various motorcycle models.


RS250 50mm

Mille 50mm


Strada 41mm


M2 Cyclone 43mm


750/900SS 50mm

Monster 50mm

748/848/916/996 53mm


CB-1 89-90 41mm

CBR600F2 41mm

CBR600F3 41mm

CBR600F4/F4i 99-05 43mm

CBR600RR 03-04 45mm

CBR600RR 05-08 48mm

XR600 43mm

Hawk 650 41mm

VFR750 90-97 41mm

RC30 88-90 43mm

RC45 50mm

CBR900RR 93-99 45mm

CBR929/954 50mm

RC51 00-05 50mm

VTR1000 98-02 41mm

CBR1000F 93-96 41mm

CBR1000RR 04-09 50mm

CBR1100XX 97-02 43mm


EX650R 06-09 41mm

ZX6E 41mm

ZX6R 95-97 41mm

ZX6R/RR 03-08 50mm

ZX6R 09 51mm

ZX10 88-90 41mm

ZX10R 04-09 50mm

ZX11 90-97 43mm

ZX14R All 50mm


RGV250 50mm

GSF400/600 Bandit 41mm

GSXF600/750/1100 Katana 41mm

RF600/900 94-96 43mm

GSXR600 92-93 50mm

GSXR600 94-96 50mm

GSXR600 97-03 45mm

GSXR600 04-09 50mm

SV650 99-09 41mm

GSXR750/1100 86-87 41mm

GSXR750/1100 88-90 43mm

GSXR750 93-06 50mm

GSXR1000 01-08 50mm

TL1000R 50mm

GSXR1100 95-98 50mm

GSF1200 Bandit 97-05 43mm

GSXR1300 All 50mm


R6 99-04 43mm

R6 05-09 50mm

YZF600 94-95 41mm

FZR750RR 0W01 89-90 43mm

FZR1000 89-90 43mm

FZR750 41mm

YZF750 94-97 50mm

R1 98-09 50mm

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